When Strabag Romania decided to optimized fuel consumption, they organized a tender for fleet management system supplier. The tender was won by OMNICOMM partner Guava7. Impressed with the test run results, as well as fast and high-quality installation and maintenance from Guava7 Strabag decided to run a full-scale fleet & fuel management project.

STRABAG SE is a leading innovative player in the field of Construction Services achieves 30% reduction in fleet fuel cost after implementing OMNICOMM fleet management solution.

STRABAG SE is a leading innovative player in the field of Construction Services. Strabag opened the first offices in Bucharest, Romania in 1992 and is now headquartered in Austria.

In 2014 STRABAG Romania determined that their fuel costs were too high. Management decided to reduce fuel consumption using a fleet management system. Following this objective, a tender was organized for which six companies competed. After initial evaluation, three were selected for test installation, including OMNICOMM partner Guava7.


vehicles monitored by OMNICOMM Complete Fleet Management Solution
filling stations controlled
average savings on fuel consumption
accuracy of OMNICOMM fuel-level sensor



STRABAG thoroughly examined different options for fleet management equipment to install in its vehicles. The test installation lasted for 1 month. During this 1 month test run, 3 analogous vehicles were fitted with the fleet management systems from various manufacturers. Omnicomm equipment was installed in one Mercedes Actros. The test results showed Omnicomm delivered the optimum results. The test mode proved Omnicomm’s value. Fuel consumption dropped by 22 L per 100 KM, from 65 L to 43 L/100 KM. Guava7 won the tender to equip Strabag vehicles with the Omnicomm solution

STRABAG was impressed with the results, and liked the terms of the contract, which provided for fast and high-quality installation and maintenance from Guava 7. These factors helped to win the tender, despite the fact that the bid price was not the lowest.

The STRABAG fleet to equip was operating in road construction in Romania. It is involved in construction of outdoor facilities, parking spaces, pavements and sport grounds.

Omnicomm equipment was installed in 110 vehicles of the STRABAG fleet. Following the results of the test installations and signing of the contract the entire fleet was equipped in a 30-day period by Guava7. “As an authorized Omnicomm dealer we can guarantee the quality of installed equipment and service. The whole fleet management system and its components are developed and manufactured by Omnicomm: from on-board GLONASS/GPS Trackers and fuel level sensors, to software and various associated equipment. That insures high quality, great compatibility of components, user-friendliness and what’s most important, visible results. All of that allows us to compete and win in tenders implementing projects for such international giants as STRABAG”. – Evgeny Ili, CEO, Guava7


The Omnicomm solution made a tremendous difference in the operation of the STRABAG fleet. Some immediate results included:

  • 30% monthly reduction of fuel expenses
  • Omnicomm solutions helped to identify 60-65 fuel drains each day
  • The return on investment (ROI) in fleet management was reached in 1 month
  • Optimized organization of the fleet: better discipline among the drivers, more efficient functioning of the vehicles, less breakdowns, more operational and pleasant environment at work


“STRABAG is known for it’s very high quality of construction and engineering. The company possesses an excellent quality management system and pays thorough attention to all the aspects of work. High standards are applied to vehicles and machinery. In order to equip our fleet we organized a special tender. Omnicomm equipment provided significant results just in one month. That’s why choosing the offer is no coincidence. We have always looked for reliable products of experienced global players.”, – Sergiu Sokyra, STRABAG SE Romania