Thanks to OMNICOMM, Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd achieved a cost saving of 8-10% a week.

Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd, a leading crane rental company in India, needed a transparent view of fuel usage in its fleet of cranes and heavy equipment to tackle rising fuel costs. 

Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd worked with OMNICOMM's local partner RTG Trackers to equip 25 cranes with OMNICOMM fuel monitoring solution and immediately identified inefficiencies and now saves 350 liters of fuel every week – a cost saving of 8-10%.

Crane and construction equipment rental is a growing market in India, with an upward trend in leasing out concrete mixers, excavators, tower cranes and other heavy equipment for construction projects of all sizes. Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd's main business is in retail rentals and servicing the port industry, and the company owns hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment.

With fuel prices rising in India, saving on fuel is a priority for Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd, and the company decided to invest in an advanced fuel and fleet management solution to pinpoint inefficient fuel usage.


cranes fitted with OMNICOMM equipment in phase one
liters of fuel saved per week
cost savings
accuracy of OMNICOMM fuel-level sensor



Seeking ways to optimize fuel costs when renting out cranes with fuel included, eliminate manual fuel data entry errors, improve transparency in fleet management, prevent fuel underfilling and enhance their reputation as a progressive and efficient crane rental company, Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd looked for a technologically advanced, foolproof fuel and fleet management solution.

Mr. Manamar Singh Bedi, Managing Director at Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd, explains, “We had no way to track actual fuel consumption, refilling and the exact location of vehicles. All fuel data was entered and maintained manually on log-books. We felt we were losing money on fuel, and we needed a more transparent audit mechanism.”

OMNICOMM’s globally successful fuel management solution was referred to Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd by another leading company in the industry. Following an extensive series of trials, Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd opted to use OMNICOMM's complete fuel and fleet management solution, consisting of the OMNICOMM Online SaaS-based fleet management platform, vehicle trackers and OMNICOMM high-precision fuel-level sensors. The first phase of the project involved 25 cranes.

Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd worked with OMNICOMM's partner in Mumbai, RTG Trackers, to install OMNICOMM's solution. Installing OMNICOMM sensors in enormous fuel tanks with complex electrical and communication systems was challenging, but RTG Trackers and OMNICOMM had the necessary knowledge and skills to complete the job successfully.

“RTG Trackers' well-trained on-site engineers worked with a plan and utmost precision, ably supported by OMNICOMM's remote technical support,” says Mr. Bedi.


Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd identified fuel inefficiencies almost immediately. For instance, vehicles travelling from the vehicle yard in Taloja to Mumbai port were found to be using up to 40% less fuel than the amount estimated for refuelling each time.

Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd realised that there were profound differences between manually-calculated fuel consumption data and the real, accurate data collected from OMNICOMM fuel-level sensors. 6 months after installing OMNICOMM's fuel and fleet management solution, Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd is experiencing significant benefits:

  • Saving 350 litres of fuel per week from total weekly consumption of 4,000 litres – translating into savings of 8-10% per month
  • Prevention of overfilling and underfilling, using just the necessary amount of fuel to complete each job
  • No refueling stress with low fuel alerts
  • More transparent environment and better work culture
  • Strict monitoring and accurate reporting to provide reliable data for planning and forecasting

Impressed with the results, Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd has plans to install OMNICOMM equipment across the company's entire fleet.


“OMNICOMM and their partner RTG Trackers are experts in fuel monitoring technology. As an industry-leading company, we need to invest in solutions of the quality offered by OMNICOMM and RTG Trackers. We no longer worry about fuel refilling; we are able to accurately plan ahead and we are saving significantly on fuel. This is a one-time investment that will benefit us far into the future.” – Mr. Manamar Singh Bedi, Managing Director at Barkat Cranes & Equipments Pvt. Ltd.