The Ultimate LLS 30160 Fuel Level Sensor by Omnicomm Hits the Global Market

The Ultimate LLS 30160 Fuel Level Sensor by Omnicomm Hits the Global Market

Having successfully tested the LLS 30160 fuel level sensor on the home market, Omnicomm is officially launching it worldwide. The product was designed to meet the transport telematics market’s growing need for upgraded reliability and enhanced data accuracy. And a range of novelty design aspects has proved to set it apart from its predecessors.

The product has been through 6 stages of thorough Omnicomm Quality Control and shown fascinating results. 5000 Omnicomm LLS 30160 sensors have been installed within year and a half and proved reliability and top-notch quality.

The advantages of the new LLS 30160 device over the earlier modifications include its tamper-proof one-piece body, a new ultra-strong metal protection tube and an increased protection against electrostatic, electromagnetic and conducted interferences. It is worth mentioning the IP57 class of protection and the modified spherical shape of the sensor’s “head”, which enhances its shock resistance, as well as its reduced height that allows installing the sensor beneath the units located within close proximity to the fuel tank.

A thicker carrier plate contributes to protection from leakages, at the same time maintaining its flexibility, which enables the user to install the sensor on round fuel tanks. The upper limit of the power supply range was increased to 75V, and the signal lines received better protection against voltage of direct/reverse polarity, which significantly undermines the chances of any sensor malfunction during installation. The sensor records configuration changes and calculates working time.

As Chief Sales&Marketing officer at Omnicomm Paul Lomonosov says: “We are very excited with the new product. Omnicomm LLS 30160 has shown outstanding results of tests on the home market. We are confident in its reliability and accuracy which we have always been known for. We are looking forward to introducing the new LLS 30160 to the global market to provide even more value to our partners and fleets.”

The 30160 was developed in order to meet the growing market demand for enhanced reliability and tamper-proof qualities, as well as ease of installation and use; Omnicomm specialists have scrutinized warranty incidents, requests and advice by dealers and manufacturers, integrators and distributors of vehicle tracking systems to produce the best possible solution. The result is an efficient product that has proven itself in the company’s home market and is therefore destined to become a top contender in the global telematics market as it launches worldwide.

August 24, 2016