Successful Integration of Omnicomm Hardware with Suntech’s New 2016 GPS Trackers

Successful Integration of Omnicomm Hardware with Suntech’s New 2016 GPS Trackers

Omnicomm and Suntech are taking their partnership to the next level as the global company releases its brand new 300 range of GPS Trackers, completely replacing the previous 215 line.

The new GPS Trackers feature two RS-232 ports; this allows directly connecting two fuel level sensors at once, providing Omnicomm with increased technical opportunities and presence in the industry.
Suntech International Ltd. is a renowned global leader in the telematics industry, providing its customers with highly customizable top-quality GPS tracking devices for over a decade. The Mexican division of Suntech has employed Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensors for its GPS Trackers for the past 3 years since its arrival in the Mexican home market; and this has proven a remarkable partnership and a solid history of success for both businesses.

The 215 GPS Tracker range has received a complete overhaul; the major innovation for the new 300 GPS Tracker series is the addition of the second RS-232 port, which allows connecting two LLS fuel level sensors directly to the AVL system. This eliminates the need to install a Digital Analog level converter – the DALCON device – on vehicles with two fuel tanks (or a really large extended-shape tank); while the DALCON is traditionally used to connect two LLS fuel level sensors to a single RS-232 port communicating all the necessary readings, Suntech’s new GPS Trackers make it possible to install two LLS fuel level sensors directly, providing enhanced monitoring opportunities.

“We monitor the local market demands, seeking to provide the best possible solutions at optimal prices,” Luis Byonkgi Oh, director of Suntech LATAM, points out. “Most vehicles employed in the Mexican market have two fuel tanks, and being able to directly connect two sensors to our GPS Trackers at once makes our solutions simpler and more cost-efficient.”

All the specifics of the integration between the new GPS Trackers and the Omnicomm sensors are outlined in a special manual produced by Suntech.

Suntech’s direct presence in Mexico, its firmly established technical support and a solid position among the key industry leaders are all a catch for the customers, especially when complemented by lucrative pricing and operational stability. The company is a perfect partner for Omnicomm to broadcast its products across the Mexican market. Since Suntech operates an extensive fleet of vehicles with two fuel tanks, the innovation couldn’t have hit the mark any better.

As Omnicomm’s head of Mexican operations Elena Denisenko comments, “Over the years of local Mexican presence, Suntech has established itself as a reliable and stable partner. This makes our partnership both accessible and beneficial for all our common partners, too. We’re happy to be a team, and we’d totally recommend one another’s businesses to others!”

August 22, 2016