Omnicomm Showcases Advanced Fleet and Fuel Monitoring Solutions for Mining Industry at EXPOSIBRAM 2023 in Brazil

Belém, Brazil — August 23, 2023 — Omnicomm, a global leader in fleet and fuel monitoring solutions, is thrilled to announce its participation in EXPOSIBRAM 2023, one of the largest mining exhibitions in Latin America. The event will take place from August 28 to 31, 2023, at the Hangar Centro de Convenções & Feiras da Amazônia in Belém, Pará, Brazil.

EXPOSIBRAM is a premier platform that brings together key players from the mining production chain, including mining companies with global and national operations, equipment and service suppliers, research institutions, government agencies, and industry experts. The event serves as a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and discussions related to the mining industry on both national and international scales.

At EXPOSIBRAM 2023, Omnicomm is set to unveil its cutting-edge fleet and fuel monitoring solutions tailored specifically for the mining sector. In the mining industry, fuel is not only a crucial resource but also a significant operational challenge. Omnicomm's solutions aim to address these challenges and revolutionize how mining companies manage their fleets and fuel consumption.

Omnicomm offers comprehensive fleet and fuel monitoring solutions designed to optimize fuel management in mining operations. Some key benefits include:

Accurate Consumption: Precisely measure fuel consumption to plan supplies and detect wastage.

Real-time Tracking: Monitor heavy mining vehicles in real time to ensure safe operations.

Maintenance Planning: Track multiple vehicle parameters to schedule technical maintenance and keep the fleet in optimal condition.

Idle Detection: Identify idling instances to save on fuel and engine hours.

Timely Refueling: Organize efficient refueling to prevent oversupply and unexpected downtime.

Omnicomm's fleet management solution relies on OMNICOMM fuel-level sensors, known for their unmatched reliability and accuracy. These high-precision capacitive fuel-level sensors boast an exceptional accuracy rate of 99.5%, providing the industry's most reliable fuel monitoring solution. With an IP69K ingress protection rating, these sensors are impervious to dirt, moisture, and vibrations, ensuring precise results even in extreme temperatures and challenging road conditions.

Omnicomm invites all EXPOSIBRAM attendees to visit their booth D5 and learn more about how their fleet and fuel monitoring solutions can help mining companies achieve unparalleled efficiency, operational excellence, and cost reduction.

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August 24, 2023