Omnicomm presents the new joint platform for fuel monitoring in Mexico

Omnicomm presents the new joint platform for fuel monitoring in Mexico
Omnicomm, an international hi-tech company, one of the leading developers and manufactures of fuel monitoring systems, has presented the new joint platform Zeek Fuel. The presentation of the new fuel monitoring solution was held at the 4th annual industry conference Baja Telematics held in Mexico City. The event organizer is Argus Telematics, Mexican system integrator, the company focused on developing smart solutions on GPS, telematics and telemetry.

Zeek Fuel was presented to the network of system integrators from 11 regions across Mexico. It is an advanced joint solution developed by Omnicomm and Argus Telematics. The separate platform was designed specifically for monitoring fuel. It can run synchronized with various other features of a fleet management system. Although shown in public for the first time, many local integrators have already received training and installed the solution in trial mode to end customers.

“We consider Omnicomm solutions reliable, and so far we are satisfied with the implementation of Zeek Fuel. Especially convenient is the opportunity to monitor the refueling events and precisely identify fuel theft not only in liters, but in pesos. As we have introduced the new function to enter the actual cost of fuel, there is an option to create reports in monetary terms”, - Manuel Gómez, Argus Telematics CEO and Founder shared.

Besides joint presentation of the new fuel monitoring platform, Omnicomm made an overview of the business cases connected with largest and fastest ROI and radical fuel fraud elimination. Over 17 years, the company’s had a vast experience. In Mexico application of high-precision fuel control brings more revenue and opportunities in such areas as agricultural, construction, stationary tanks. Based on Omnicomm’s extensive practice, there is a statistics concerning fuel theft in various fields. In the transportation sector it amounts to 15-20%, whereas in the agricultural sector it equals to 35%, in construction – 45-50%, with the undisputed leader being the oil sector, where theft can reach up to a ton of fuel a day.

“This problem is especially urgent for Mexico. On the one hand, fuel theft has reached huge figures: recently police has arrested a group of smugglers, who have stolen 157.000 liters of fuel here. On the other hand, in Mexico there is a peculiarity that fuel is stolen mainly in 20 liter canisters. It is the suspension volume for resale in the black market. Therefore the accuracy of measurements and the ability to identify the actual drains in small volumes is extremely important”, - Elena Denisenko, Country Head at Omnicomm commented.

Omnicomm has been developing fast pace in Mexico lately. With over 40 ongoing projects, the company implements daily trial integrations, carries out technical support and training programs. To recall, recently the company’s has opened representation office and training center in Mexico City.

October 5, 2015