OMNICOMM OÜ Receives "Strongest in Estonia" Certificate for 10 Consecutive Years

[Narva, 05.07.2023] — OMNICOMM OÜ, a leading provider of fuel and fleet management solutions, is delighted to announce a remarkable milestone as it receives "Strongest in Estonia" certificate for 10 consecutive years of maintaining a high A-group credit rating. This achievement exemplifies OMNICOMM's commitment to sustainability, financial stability, and outstanding creditworthiness in the Republic of Estonia.

The "Strongest in Estonia" certificate is Estonia's best-known, oldest, and most widely used quality label. It is based on a thorough evaluation of a company's financial performance in the previous year. Companies that have consistently achieved outstanding results for an extended period are eligible to apply for the certificate, showcasing their exceptional financial track record over the last 5, 10, 15, or 20 years. OMNICOMM's continuous strong performance has solidified its position as a reliable and creditworthy organization.

Creditinfo Rating, the internationally accepted rating model utilized by Creditinfo Estonia, assesses a company's activities and results from a creditor's perspective. It evaluates the economic and financial situation of the company, as well as its payment habits, to assign a comprehensive credit rating.

OMNICOMM OÜ consistent achievement of a high A-group credit rating for 10 consecutive financial years sets it apart as an exemplary business in Estonia. In 2022, only 1.2% of Estonian companies reached such an esteemed rating, highlighting OMNICOMM's exceptional financial stability and reliability in the market.

"We are proud to receive the 'Strongest in Estonia' certificate for the tenth year," said Ksenia Šarõpova, Member of the board at OMNICOMM OÜ. "This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, sustainability, and financial stability. It reinforces the trust and confidence our clients, partners, and employees place in us."

OMNICOMM OÜ continued recognition as the "Strongest in Estonia" exemplifies its dedication to maintaining a strong financial position and exceptional performance. The company remains focused on driving innovation, fostering enduring partnerships, and contributing to the growth and success of the Estonian business landscape.

Contact for media: Natalia Makarova, [email protected]

July 5, 2023