Omnicomm Mexico Invited to a Partner Training Event

Omnicomm Mexico Invited to a Partner Training Event
Omnicomm Mexico has recently attended a training session organized by CalAmp, its hardware partner in Mexico. It was the first official educational event for CalAmp’s customers, involving basic technical training. Omnicomm was the only partner invited to join the program.

The CalAmp Company offers wireless products, services and solutions to its clients; a year ago, it acquired the LoJack Corporation, thus expanding its business. Omnicomm has worked with CalAmp for a number of years and was invited to the training session as the most reliable fleet management solutions provider in the Mexican market; in fact, most of the session participants are currently devout users of Omnicomm’s solutions.

There were 24 technical specialists from 17 companies from Mexico present, including regions and areas such as Monterrey, Merida, Queretaro, Puebla, Tijuana, Mexicali, Guadalajara, and Mexico City. The purpose of the session was to introduce new and existing product lines by CalAmp to its customers and help familiarize themselves with their features and the opportunities they provide.

The director of development for CalAmp has stated, “We’ve been partners with Omnicomm for a long time, and this partnership has so far proven both reliable and efficient. It was good to meet up in somewhat uncommon circumstances, and I must say that the training session was a total success. I am looking forward to continuing our work together in the future!”

April 10, 2017