Omnicomm and Taabi Collaborate to Elevate Fuel Management Solutions at Smart Mobility India Expo

Omnicomm and Taabi Collaborate to Elevate Fuel Management Solutions at Smart Mobility India Expo

New Delhi, 15.01.2024 - Omnicomm, a global leader in fuel management solutions, and Taabi, a cutting-edge provider of AI-powered SaaS platforms, are pleased to announce their joint participation in the upcoming Smart Mobility India Expo event? January 17-19 2024, New Delhi. The collaboration aims to showcase how the integration of Omnicomm's hardware and Taabi's software solutions can revolutionize fleet and logistics operations, adding significant value to customers' bottom lines.

With a shared commitment to developing modern software solutions using cutting-edge technologies, Omnicomm and Taabi bring a wealth of experience and expertise to address the real-world challenges faced by businesses in managing fleet operations and optimizing fuel costs. The collaboration aims to present innovative solutions that precisely address these challenges, offering customizable platforms to boost Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across various industries.

Taabi's fleet management solutions, powered by artificial intelligence, are designed to optimize logistics operations, enhancing fleet efficiency and reliability. The integration of real-time tracking, AI-powered software, and data analysis allows businesses to identify patterns and resolve issues promptly, contributing to smoother and more streamlined operations.

The AI solutions provided by Taabi seamlessly integrate with Omnicomm's fuel level sensors, enabling businesses to benefit from real-time vehicle tracking, advanced data analysis, and pattern identification. The collaborative effort ensures that customers receive on-ground advisory support, maximizing the utilization of solutions and ensuring superior satisfaction.

"We are excited about the joint participation of Omnicomm and Taabi at Smart Mobility India Expo, where we will showcase the powerful combination of hardware and software solutions that can transform the landscape of fuel management," said Svetlana Zakharova, managing director at Omnicomm India. "Our collaboration brings together the best of both worlds, offering businesses a comprehensive and customizable approach to address the challenges they face in their fleet and logistics operations."

Taabi's commitment to helping businesses establish smart fleets that meet customer demands more reliably aligns with Omnicomm's fuel expertise to cut costs and boost profits by enhancing efficiency and effectiveness via fuel management. The joint participation at Smart Mobility India Expo aims to highlight the shared vision of both companies in providing innovative and value-driven solutions.

Visit the Omnicomm and Taabi booth Hall 1, booth E252 at Smart Mobility India Expo to witness firsthand the synergy of hardware and software solutions that will shape the future of fleet management.

About Omnicomm:

Omnicomm is a global leader in providing solutions for fuel management and monitoring. Omnicomm's extensive portfolio includes high-precision LLS fuel-level sensors, GPS-trackers, displays, and various fleet management solutions. What sets Omnicomm apart is unparalleled reliability and an exceptional accuracy rate of 99.5%. This reliability and accuracy have made Omnicomm products an industry standard and a pioneer in the field of telematics on many markets. With a focus on innovation and reliability, Omnicomm empowers businesses to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency through advanced tracking and monitoring technologies.

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About Taabi:

Taabi is a leading provider of AI-powered SaaS platforms, specializing in customizable solutions for fleet and logistics management. With a deep understanding of industry challenges, Taabi's solutions aim to enhance efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction by leveraging artificial intelligence and real-time data analysis.
Taabi solutions help to increase revenue with Fleet Uptime, provide 99% accuracy thanks to AI powered Fuel algo and include Video Telematics for Fleet safety.
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About Smart Mobility India Expo:

The Smart Mobility Expo encompasses the entire spectrum of India's mobility roadmap, providing a comprehensive view of innovative designs, materials, and technologies that enhance citizens' experience of user-friendly mobility across the country.
Smart Mobility India expo - Smart Transport for a sustainable future with Smart Mobility India

January 12, 2024