Omnicomm and Fuel Check Join Forces to Revolutionize Fuel Monitoring Solutions in Poland

[Warsaw, 15.06.2023] – Omnicomm, a global leader in fuel monitoring solutions, and Fuel Check, a prominent system integrator from Poland, are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership aimed at revolutionizing fuel monitoring solutions in Poland. This collaboration brings together Omnicomm's cutting-edge technology and expertise in high-precision capacitive fuel-level sensors with Fuel Check's extensive market presence and industry knowledge.

Fuel monitoring has been a pressing concern in the Polish market, with issues related to the quality of products and the lack of reliable solutions for accurate data. End customers have been struggling to find trustworthy fuel monitoring systems that provide precise measurements. Additionally, fuel theft has emerged as a significant challenge in the region. To address these issues, Omnicomm and Fuel Check will work together to introduce advanced fuel monitoring solutions that ensure accurate data and effectively combat fuel theft.

The partnership between Omnicomm and Fuel Check will focus on several promising verticals, including Construction, IoT based on remote monitoring of DG sets, Mining, and Maritime. By leveraging their combined strengths, the companies aim to enhance fleet efficiency and productivity while eliminating losses due to fuel theft. Customers will benefit from a comprehensive solution that includes Omnicomm's fuel level sensor as an integral part of Fuel Check's complex offering and services.

"We are excited to partner with Fuel Check to bring our advanced fuel monitoring solutions to the Polish market. Our high-precision fuel-level sensors combined with Fuel Check's industry knowledge and market presence will provide customers with reliable and accurate fuel monitoring capabilities. Together, we aim to tackle the challenges of fuel theft and inefficiency, ultimately driving fleet productivity and cost savings." – said Doluma Ondar, CBDO Europe at Omnicomm.

"At Fuel Check, we are committed to delivering top-notch fuel monitoring solutions to our customers. Partnering with Omnicomm allows us to integrate their innovative fuel-level sensors into our comprehensive offering, providing our clients with accurate and dependable data. This collaboration strengthens our position in the market and enables us to address the pressing issues of fuel quality and theft. We look forward to a successful partnership with Omnicomm." – Aliaksandr Matsiash, the Owner at Fuel Check.

With shared vision for advancing fuel monitoring solutions in Poland, Omnicomm and Fuel Check are ready to make a significant impact on the market. This partnership represents a powerful combination of technological innovation and local expertise, ultimately empowering customers to make informed decisions, enhance fleet performance, and mitigate fuel-related challenges.


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June 15, 2023