How to make promising investments in transport telematics: Omnicomm discloses the know-how

Omnicomm, one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of fuel consumption monitoring solutions and various equipment for fleet management has disclosed how to run business effectively by applying high-quality fuel telematics solutions. The company’s representative shared the latest economic efficiency results at Telematics Conference SEEurope in Bucharest. Significant impressive figures of economy were reached by several world known companies which applied fuel monitoring solutions as well as complete fleet management systems developed and manufactured by Omnicomm.

The topic of Omnicomm’s presentation was relevant to general discussion at the conference which featured different dimensions of investments in the industry. Asking the audience “Have you invested in fuel telematics by today?” Stanislav Emelianov disclosed what investments in fuel telematics are both for integrators and end clients. Investments in quality fuel monitoring for integrators mean investments in development of their product. That is enhancement of functionality which provides more value-added services in one solution. As Antanas Segzda, Sales Director at Teltonika, Lithuanian integrator of telematics solutions shared: “We like working with Omnicomm. Their products bring us more clients who are interested in better optimization of fleet expenses. Fuel monitoring solutions are an added value for them. Afterwards we see the results these companies reach – millions of dollars saved. That is more than rewarding for us”.  

Value-added services can also become a competitive advantage for transport manufacturers. For instance, Lamborghini Trattori, an Italian luxury car brand company which also runs a tractor plant, installs Omnicomm fuel level sensors in tractors already on conveyor line. 400 tractors are equipped by Omnicomm LLS annually. The company’s management evaluated this step as strategically important, as it constitutes Lamborghini’s competitive advantage in the market.

To stay on top of consumer demands Omnicomm runs its proprietary analytical center which examines the current market trends. Specialists also count the economic efficiency Omnicomm equipment brings to various clients worldwide. Thus, Aeroflot, one of the major airline companies, reduced fuel expenses by more than 30% after installing Omnicomm complete fleet management system on 460 ground services vehicles. The pay-off period equaled just to 3 months. “The first economic effect after installation of any fleet management equipment is only a top of the iceberg. In order to keep that effect, quality solutions are needed”, - Stanislav Emelianov, Omnicomm Deputy CEO commented. Being in the market of transport telematics for over 16 years, Omnicomm makes a strong accent on the development of highly accurate fuel monitoring solutions – LLS fuel level sensors. In 2003 Omnicomm specialists developed the world’s first capacitive fuel level sensor which can bring up to 50 % fleet expenses reduction per month. Since then use of capacitive sensors in bundle with satellite vehicle tracking has become the industry standard.

Telematics Conference SEEurope held for the 4th time traditionally brings together the major European telematics market players: Tom Tom, Safe Fleet, Arvento, Ecofleet, to name a few. Being familiar with majority of them, Omnicomm has already reached top positions in domestic fuel monitoring market and is actively heading abroad. The company’s active client base includes well-known international airlines, construction and mining companies, oil enterprises, large transnational corporations, as well as industry leaders such as GAZPROM, Coca-Cola, Halliburton, Alrosa, DHL, UPS and others.

October 8, 2014