Fuel management technology – a way to transparent and eco-friendly business says Brazil at SAE 2016

Fuel management technology – a way to transparent and eco-friendly business says Brazil at SAE 2016

Participation in the SAE congress in Brazil, which we have previously announced, has only proven that the demand and interest for fuel management is constantly growing among key players in the market.

Omnicomm has presented its capabilities and interests both on and off the Congress, having some very successful and interesting meetings with our partners in South America: Altea Group, Galooli, GoBrax, Wtrack and many others.

We always look forward to discussing matters of progress in the hub, and it was interesting to see that trends in both the branch and the region are very progressive. There is definite interest in fuel management as in an efficient cost cutting tool. What is also worth stressing is that fuel economy is not only about money. Brazil looks at fuel and fleet management also from an ecological point of view. It is important to do business in a transparent, efficient and effective way through using innovative management tools.

Here we once again note the indisputable fact that society in general is facing increasing pressure to protect the environment. The transportation sector is especially pushed to achieve significant advancements where this matter is concerned. Omnicomm directly supports environmental protection; being one of the leading providers of fuel management we are supporting green logistics, and we also want to prove that CO2 emissions can decrease as transportation grows.

For our activities in Brazil, just as around the world, it is very important to provide as many benefits of fuel management as possible. We promote not only fuel theft prevention, but also significant cost cut due to optimization of using vehicles, transparent fleet management and real-time availability of information on all vehicles in operation, eco-friendly approach to business which we directly continue to support in our branches.

We are looking forward to expanding our operations in Brazil and seeing growth of our partners bringing fruitful business and socially valuable results to their clients.

December 6, 2016