Four leading Mexican telematics service providers integrated Omnicomm solutions

Four leading Mexican telematics service providers integrated Omnicomm solutions
The leading players of Mexican transport telematics market integrate Omnicomm fuel monitoring equipment in their systems. Among the companies which currently run joint projects with Omnicomm are Smart Tracker, Copiloto, Unicomm and Tracking Systems. All of them made a decision to enrich functionality of their fleet management solutions by integrating fuel monitoring.

At the moment over 3000 Omnicomm sensors are monitoring fuel consumption in Mexico. Smart Tracker and Copiloto alone have already integrated and installed over 1000 Omnicomm LLS each. Besides, Unicomm and Tracking Systems are actively running test installation of Omnicomm equipment for end customers around the country. Majorly, these are the companies in the transportation, construction and oil&gas sectors.  

Among the largest implemented joint projects with local system integrators is equipping 227 Kenworth trucks of Transportes Gym de Monclova in cooperation with Smart Tracker. Before its start Smart Tracker CEO Mr. Jorge Andonie visited Omnicomm manufacture to review the production process of Omnicomm LLS to ensure in high quality of the sensor. Transportes Gym de Monclova now saves 50.000 $ per month, fuel expenses decreased by 30%. Right now the new project for Estrella Roja is carried out in cooperation with Smart Tracker.

The interest to high quality fuel monitoring solutions is growing in Mexico. Fuel theft is really common across the country. Large fleet owners are the ones who lose the most from all kinds of machinations and lack of optimization. Recently Omnicomm solutions were presented at Expo Transporte ANPACT in Guadalajara, the largest Mexican industry show in the transportation sector. Logistics and transportation are one of the main fields where fuel monitoring is applied. However, not the only ones by far. Omnicomm fuel monitoring equipment demonstrated in operation at the booths of various mexican partners to show ease of functioning and high precision of fuel data in any conditions.

“Fuel theft, inaccuracy in driving are widely spread. Thus, precise and reliable equipment is what’s necessary. We decided to integrate Omnicomm equipment to bring visible results of optimization to our customers. Omnicomm LLS sensor proves exceptional accuracy, reliability and compatibility with our fleet management systems”, - shared Mr. Ricardo Bustamante, CEO Tracking Systems.

It has been more than 2 years since Omnicomm is actively developing projects in Mexico. With increasing demand and activities in the market Omnicomm opened its office in Mexico City in summer 2015 to simplify interaction with partners. The warehouse with products is available 24 hours a day for convenience of partner network.

December 10, 2015