Transportation leader stops fuel theft and reduces operational costs with Omnicomm

Transportation leader stops fuel theft and reduces operational costs with Omnicomm

Transportes Masa, a major player in Colombia's oil industry transportation, has successfully addressed fuel theft and optimized fuel efficiency thanks to Omnicomm's high-precision fuel sensors.

Previously, Sebastian Satizabal, owner of Transportes Masa, struggled to monitor fuel levels accurately. Integrating with the vehicle's computer provided unreliable data due to limitations of the CANBUS protocol. This made it difficult to identify fuel theft and optimize fuel consumption.

The Solution: Real-Time Fuel Monitoring with Omnicomm

Seeking a solution, Transportes Masa partnered with ITK Soluciones, an Omnicomm partner since 2012. ITK Soluciones offered a fuel monitoring solution that provided real-time fuel level data for each tank every 20-30 seconds. This transparency empowered Transportes Masa to:

  • Curb fuel theft: By monitoring fuel levels in real-time, Transportes Masa could identify discrepancies and prevent fuel theft.
  • Optimize fuel efficiency: Gaining accurate fuel consumption data allowed Transportes Masa to analyze fuel performance per kilometer and identify areas for improvement.
  • Reduce operational costs: The combined benefits of theft prevention and fuel efficiency optimization led to significant cost savings for Transportes Masa, with a rapid return on investment.

The Success Story Continues

The positive results from the initial implementation convinced Transportes Masa to equip their entire fleet with Omnicomm's high-precision fuel sensors. This partnership highlights the effectiveness of Omnicomm's technology and ITK Soluciones' expertise in fuel monitoring solutions.

ITK Soluciones: Your Partner in Stopping Fuel Theft

ITK Soluciones has empowered over 4,000 companies since 2012 to improve profitability by controlling fuel theft. They offer a variety of solutions for different applications, including:

  • Tractor Trucks
  • Machinery
  • Vessels
  • Stationary Tanks
  • Rigs
  • Oil Platforms

Take control of your fuel costs today! Schedule your free training session with ITK Soluciones and learn how to stop fuel theft in your fleet.

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