Mexico construction company NQC Nestor Quintero Correa

Mexico  construction company NQC Nestor Quintero Correa
Challenge: NQC Nestor Quintero Correa, a construction company within the RUYCO group, faced rising fuel costs for their fleet of dump trucks. They needed a solution to optimize fuel consumption and reduce expenses.

Solution: NQC partnered with ITK Soluciones, a long-term Omnicomm partner, to install the Omnicomm fuel monitoring solution featuring high-precision LLS fuel level sensors.

✅NQC saw a significant 12% reduction in fuel costs in the very first month of operation.
✅The impressive fuel savings have been maintained over time, demonstrating the system's long-term effectiveness.
✅The investment in the Omnicomm fuel control system was one of NQC's best decisions. For their fleet of 70 vehicles (including dump trucks, tank trucks, tractor trucks, and machinery), the system generated monthly savings close to $10,000 USD. This resulted in a return on investment (ROI) in less than 3 months.

Key to success:
High-precision sensors: The Omnicomm LLS sensors offered exceptional accuracy, ensuring reliable fuel level data for accurate cost calculations.
Expert Installation: ITK Soluciones, a trusted Omnicomm partner, provided professional installation and calibration, ensuring optimal system performance.

NQC's experience highlights the power of Omnicomm's fuel monitoring solutions. By combining precise technology with expert implementation, companies in the construction industry, and beyond, can achieve significant and sustainable fuel cost savings.