Bangalore, India, June 16th, 2021 – The global fuel and fleet management solution provider OMNICOMM has entered a strategic partnership with narrowband IoT solution pioneer Skylo. The companies will integrate and deliver a complete fuel management IoT solution for businesses with fleets of all sizes to monitor fuel usage in real time in remote locations with no cell coverage.

OMNICOMM will empower Skylo’s portfolio of IoT solutions with advanced fuel monitoring to address fuel wastage, leakage and theft and improve fuel and fleet efficiency for any size of business in a variety of industries, including construction, farming, fishing, logistics and transportation and railways. Customers can deploy an easy-to-use and affordable full-stack IoT fuel management solution that provides users with real-time actionable insights and historical data from a virtual command center and mobile platform, even in remote locations with no cell coverage.

Mohit_Mehrotra_.jpg“Skylo’s affordability and ubiquity offers customers a new kind of machine data solution, one that is much needed, especially in industries who count on machines to run their business,” said Mohit Mehrotra, business head and Managing Director, OMNICOMM India and South Asia. “We’re excited to partner with Skylo to deliver a solution to large and small companies who want to take full advantage of our extremely reliable and highly accurate fuel level sensors. From logistics to mining and construction to oil and gas, our customers want to know more about their equipment, especially in underserved, unconnected regions.”

“As fuel costs continue to spike, the global logistics industry, specifically, needs to find ways to manage and monitor fuel usage, theft, as well as loss due to faulty or aging equipment,” commented Skylo COO Angira Agrawal. “Simultaneously, traditionally analog businesses are requiring reliable connectivity everywhere. The combination of Skylo’s IoT always-on network with OMNICOMM’s advanced sensors gives fleet owners real-time insights to make faster, smarter decisions.”

OMNICOMM’s high-precision capacitive fuel level sensors are critical for accurate and effective real-time fuel monitoring, empowering fleet operators to monitor fuel consumption, improve fuel and fleet efficiency, detect vehicle idling and engine hours, detect fuel wastage and theft and forecast costs and technical maintenance. OMNICOMM sensors are the most accurate, robust and reliable on the market, with up to 99.5% accuracy, the highest possible ingress protection rating of IP69K, and a long work-life that delivers consistently accurate data, even in extreme conditions.

Skylo delivers reliable coverage that allows customers to send and receive critical 2-way messaging, receive alerts, and continuously transmit valuable sensor data including location, temperature, vibration, and much more, even where no cellular network exists. The Skylo Hub is a small, rugged terminal that reads sensors and transmits data to the Skylo Satellite Network. Easily manageable through the Skylo Data Platform, mobile or desktop, users are armed with the ability to take immediate and appropriate action to improve their business.

“Skylo’s unique IoT technology enables us to provide a joint solution that takes advantage of the synergy between our companies to make cutting-edge fuel monitoring accessible to more businesses across a huge range of industries, sizes and locations,” concludes Mohit Mehrotra.


OMNICOMM is a global telematics expert with over 20 years of experience in fuel and fleet management solutions. The fleet management solutions include high precision fuel-level sensors with an accuracy of 99.5%, terminals, displays and Omnicomm Online fuel management solutions. These products are equipped in more than 1,2 million vehicles across 110 countries across: logistics and transportation, construction, heavy machinery, mining, oil & gas, telecom and smart cities. 


Skylo Technologies brings disruptively affordable, always-on IoT connectivity to millions of machines, sensors, and devices, even in the most remote places on Earth. Skylo is disruptively affordable — costing 95% less than today’s satellite connectivity — and is the first company to leverage the cellular Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) protocol for satellite communications. Skylo can connect sensors on equipment and machines in remote areas across a wide range of industries, including farming, fishing, logistics, railways, and more. 

Junho 15, 2021