Madrid, June 28th, 2021 – The global developer and manufacturer of complete IoT-based fuel and fleet management solutions OMNICOMM has signed a partnership deal with Dehispa, the Spanish engineering company specializing in project management.

Together, OMNICOMM and Dehispa (part of Walma Dynamic Group) will bring OMNICOMM's complete fuel and fleet management solution to companies involved in IoT, construction, oil and gas, mining and other industries in Spain, Portugal and countries in the Caribbean. The partnership will provide businesses of any size with highly-accurate, real-time fuel and fleet monitoring to achieve cost reductions, improve efficiency and boost safety standards.

C-level management representatives of OMNICOMM and Dehispa shook hands on the final agreement and secured the deal with signatures during OMNICOMM’s team visit to Madrid, Spain. In accordance with company tradition, the signature was a creative and fun event, with documents signed on the back of a motorcycle. The partnership is an auspicious start to OMNICOMM’s participation in Mobile World Congress 2021 (MWC21) in Barcelona, June 28th to July 1st.

Boris Pankov, CEO of OMNICOMM, says “There is an ideal match between Dehispa and OMNICOMM. Dehispa is a technology enabler for European manufacturers of highly sophisticated equipment in industry verticals such as Internet of Things (IoT), oil and gas, and construction. Jointly, we will lead the next-generation digitization of commercial assets in these industries.”

“Today is an important day for Dehispa and Walma Dynamic Group,” concludes Guillermo Álvarez, CEO of Walma Dynamic Group. “Following the deal signature, a strategic agreement was reached to commercialize and develop OMNICOMM solutions in Spain, Portugal and the Caribbean area.”


OMNICOMM is a global telematics expert with over 20 years of experience in fuel and fleet management solutions. The fleet management solutions include high precision fuel-level sensors with an accuracy of 99.5%, terminals, displays and Omnicomm Online fuel management solutions. These products are equipped in more than 1.2 million vehicles across more than 113 countries across: logistics and transportation, construction, heavy machinery, mining, oil & gas, telecom and smart cities. For more information, visit Omnicomm at We are also available on LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube. To connect with us, reach out to Omnicomm at [email protected].

ABOUT DEHISPA (a part of Walma Dynamic Group)

Founded in 1984, Dehispa is part of Walma Dynamic Group and serves a wide range of sectors, including mining, infrastructure, agriculture, energy, industrial and environmental. Dehispa works with clients all over the world to deliver turnkey solutions and manage entire project lifecycles, from designing preliminary drafts to engineering to automation and maintenance.

Junho 28, 2021