Intra-city logistics company creates real-time fuel accounting system to track and optimize fuel usage using OMNICOMM fuel-level sensors and OMNICOMM Online.

CityLink is a subsidiary of CityLink Inland Transport and operates on-demand intra-city logistics services in the costliest ‘last-mile’ market segment. CityLink implemented OMNICOMM solutions in a pilot project to fully automate fuel monitoring in order to account for fuel usage and save on fuel costs. CityLink achieved impressive results and is now expanding OMNICOMM fuel monitoring and reporting solutions across their fleet.

CityLink has developed its own aggregation platform that enables customers to connect with service providers. The company offers a range of solutions to all kinds of businesses, including e-commerce companies like Amazon. CityLink’s business model is built on operational visibility and transactional efficiency.

CityLink had been using a vehicle tracking platform from InfoTrack Telematics for some time, but wanted to go further and fully automate fuel monitoring in order to reduce costs, detect irregularities and optimize fuel usage.


of CityLink’s operational spend is on fuel
liters of fuel saved in first 4 months
of fleet equipped with OMNICOMM solutions so far
accuracy of OMNICOMM fuel-level sensor

The Challenge

The Solution

With a mix of long-haul trucks, medium commercial vehicles and light commercial vehicles, CityLink wanted a robust system for error-free monitoring of the entire fleet’s fuel consumption.

Since fuel constitutes nearly 40% of CityLink’s operational cost, real-time, episodic reconciliation of actual refueling and accounting entries is vital. Gaining valuable data on actual versus estimated fuel usage, illegal fuel drains, fuel volumes, times and location data also enhances driver management.

CityLink needed a system that was accurate not just once or twice, but every single time. InfoTrack offered to install OMNICOMM fuel-level sensors, as they already had great experience with them in other projects. After rigorous testing, CityLink found that OMNICOMM fuel-level sensors are more accurate than any other in the market.

OMNICOMM’s global reputation, customer references, and our own experience convinced us that we were talking to the right technology providers. In InfoTrack we saw a partner who was ready to walk the extra mile, so we could derive efficiency from our investment,” says a CityLink spokesperson.

Within a few weeks of installing OMNICOMM LLS-4 fuel-level sensors in a 10-vehicle pilot project, CityLink noticed irregularities in the fuel usage of several vehicles.


After several months of using OMNICOMM’s fuel monitoring solution, CityLink reported that:

  • Delivery is more efficient, thanks to an optimized refueling process
  • Automation means no more human errors occur during fuel accounting
  • All fuel transactions are verified (with vouchers and fuel cards), thanks to telematics data
  • Illegal usage of fuel has stopped
  • In four months, the company saved 500 litres of fuel

OMNICOMM’s fuel monitoring system has made it possible to instantly verify and reconcile each fueling incident with a voucher or fuel card. This has allowed CityLink to create a real-time fuel accounting system, which works like a “stitch in time”, saving money and time down the line.

CityLink has now equipped 40% of their fleet with OMNICOMM fuel-level sensors to track the exact consumption of each vehicle, and accesses rich fuel reporting using the OMNICOMM Online fleet management platform. CityLink plans to gradually extend OMNICOMM solutions across their entire fleet.


OMNICOMM fuel-level sensors provide very accurate, reliable data that I can use to make decisions. This is a productivity multiplier! I see us reducing accounting and transaction errors on fuel – our single most critical cost head.” – Puneet Prakash, Director, CityLink Inland Transport.