Omnicomm announces start of cooperation with the leading Israeli telematics integrator Natav Services

Omnicomm, international hi-tech company, one of the leading global developers and manufacturers of high accuracy fuel level sensors and monitoring solutions for various fleet management systems, has announced launching a series of joint projects with Natav Services, Ltd. in May 2014. <br />
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This Israeli company is one of the fast developing integrators and distributors of fleet management solutions. Founded in 2010, Natav Services has already reached top positions in the domestic market of transport telematics and is actively heading abroad. Among the company’s clients are large transportation companies in Israel, Russia, Mongolia and Guatemala.<br />
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Before integrating Omnicomm solutions Natav Services was applying fuel monitoring equipment manufactured by the largest American transport telematics equipment providers. Reliability of fuel level sensors, data accuracy and simplicity of integration with various types of systems influenced the decision to start partnership with Omnicomm. By present Natav Services has already equipped 150 petroleum stations integrating Omnicomm Fuel Level Sensors within Sensatron system, as well as the car park of Eldan, the leading car rental service in Israel. Larger joint projects in Israel are to follow in the near-term future.<br />
Omnicomm LLS 20230 is now an integral part of the so-called “Triple-sense system”, one of Natav Services’ specific offers in the market. It is an independent fuel pump control system to manage internally both fuel stations and tankers. It includes Sensatron vehicle identification devices and fueling automation systems with the help of which fleet managers can effectively track fuel dispensing and fuel consumption. Based on locally available vehicle and driver identification data this computerized system controls refueling of vehicles via GPRS, GSM, RF or LAN Communications (on-line mode).<br />
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Ilan Cohen, owner of Natav Services Ltd., shared his impressions about the ongoing partnership: “We heard about Omnicomm fuel sensors from our colleagues working in Russia. They shared totally positive experience applying Omnicomm equipment and we decided to test their fuel level sensors, integrating the LLS 20230 model into our systems. High accuracy of Omnicomm fuel monitoring equipment is the main quality indicator for us. After working with the largest US manufacturers of fuel automation systems Omnicomm fuel level sensors proved to be not at all less reliable and more cost efficient in comparison to their American analogues. The system is really not complicated in use; we’ve found it very adjustable to mostly any type of vehicles and various types of fuel stations”.

Junho 2, 2014