Omnicomm Solutions Showcased in Brazil

Omnicomm, the leading Russian manufacturer of GLONASS/GPS-enabled vehicle tracking and management systems, has presented its fuel consumption and vehicle tracking solutions at the Telematics Brazil & LATAM 2013 conference this past September in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Telematics Brazil & LATAM is a flagship transport industry event in Latin America, bringing together the key automotive industry players and vendors of vehicle telematics solutions. This year the conference drew over 200 representatives of the leading companies from across the globe.

Omnicomm delegates delivered a report on the capabilities of their fuel consumption monitoring and vehicle fleet management solutions and gave a demo of the lineup of Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensors. Both car makers and vendors of vehicle satellite tracking systems showed an interest in Omnicomm equipment. If you look at the problems of vehicle fleet maintenance and operation in Latin American countries, vehicle theft is the biggest problem, according to representatives of the participating companies. Vehicle theft statistics in the region are rising with each passing year, which is one of the reasons behind the rapid growth of the vehicle telematics market. Fleet operators need to both monitor vehicle movements and precisely position their vehicles that have been stolen in order to promptly respond to the emergency.

According to Omnicomm Deputy CEO Stanislav Emelyanov, the company plans to expand into the Brazilian market with its fuel consumption monitoring solutions. "The situation with fuel in Brazil is very much like that in Russia. The country has a similar pricing policy. And we also have similar problems: multiple violations involving fuel theft in combination with a large number of motor vehicles. We can see the rapidly growing demand for fuel consumption monitoring solutions in Brazil and are prepared to offer our reliable and quality products—fuel level sensors—on the Brazilian market. A major problem faced by each sector in the country is the absence of fuel monitoring solutions, and this is a big headache for many businesses," Mr. Emelyanov said.

Shreya Ganapathy, project director for Telematics Update has noted that, “in the past two years, since we’ve launched events in Brazil, we’ve seen a surge in automakers honing their products to accommodate the Latin American consumer with theft and safety at the forefront of their offerings”.

October 2, 2013