Omnicomm goes green: the company supports the UN Eco-driving project

Omnicomm is participating in the UN project aimed at reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on roads and highways in July, 2014, in Moscow. The company will install fuel level sensors and monitoring systems for Eco-driving training center in Russia to promote economically efficient and ecology friendly consumption of petroleum.

Eco-driving has been held in Russia since 2012 in close cooperation with the United Nations (UNEP – United National Environmental Program) and Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation under support and supervision of the Global Environment Facility (GEF). This year a series of training sessions on the basics of Eco-driving will be held at driving schools instructors for public transportation drivers. Coaches from driving schools of the Austrian Association and Austrian OAMTC auto club will be engaged in the event as driving instructors. They have already achieved considerable results promoting Eco-driving in Austria. Omnicomm fuel monitoring equipment will be used to estimate fuel consumption and vehicle parameters.

Eco-driving is a driving style that significantly reduces fuel consumption and thus harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Evaluation of Eco-driving effectiveness on the example of bus companies in Austria shows: as a result of long-term training programs fuel consumption reduces by 6.5% only due to changes in driving style of bus drivers. In the whole country this saves more than 2 million liters of fuel a year.

Alongside with driving style, fuel level sensors can cut fuel consumption by large. The amount of savings accounts for up to 30% a month. Thus, fuel economy is not only important in terms of decreasing costs of transportation. It also plays a vital role in reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Omnicomm’s corporate philosophy is really close to this UN initiative. The company promotes economic driving style and optimizing consumption of fuel.

Commenting on the project Omnicomm Deputy CEO Mr. Stanislav Emelyanov noted that Omnicomm equipment is often used as a measurement device. “We are happy to support the UN environmental initiative”, - he shared. “Greenhouse effect is truly a disastrous problem nowadays. As citizens of a large metropolis we inhale a great amount of exhaust gases which ruin health. We observe climate changes. As developer and manufacturer of fuel monitoring equipment Omnicomm can’t be indifferent to such vital problems we can help solving to some extent. And we are proud Omnicomm LLS is fit for such projects. They are the only in Russia to be included in the State Register of measuring equipment in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The Register allows using data in various experiments as well as developing control methods and fuel consumption standards. We work closely with the UN, Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University, and Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. By this project we hope to contribute to improvement of environment in our cities as well”, – he added.

The UN project is supported by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water Management of Austria and the Austrian Energy Agency. On behalf of the Russian Federation it also involves experts from Transport and Road Research Institute, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, The Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University driving instructors.

July 9, 2014