Omnicomm Equipment Begins Service for NATO Operations in Afghanistan

1500 Omnicomm LLS 20230 explosion-proof fuel level sensors have been mounted on fuel trucks of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) NATO contingent in Afghanistan.

Installation of Omnicomm sensors became part of a joint project of Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and ORBCOMM to equip ISAF logistics units with transport control systems. The main project objective is to prevent fuel thefts by local civilian drivers during its transportation, since such thefts have recently become a serious issue. Involvement of hired personnel is conditioned by the dangerous nature of operations, namely blasting of equipment during fuel transportation.

According to results of the tender, ORBCOMM has become the main contractor for the project, since the GlobalTrak solution proposed by the company allows prompt tracking of location, fuel level and security status of oil trucks using cellular and satellite networks for data transfer. The system sends an alarm and vehicle coordinates to the dispatcher in case of an unexpected failure of a vehicle, an alarm notification receipt or a change in fuel level.

Omnicomm fuel level sensors have been selected for the GlobalTrak solution due to availability of an explosion-proof version, and the highest reliability in adverse climatic conditions providing for significant temperature and atmospheric pressure fluctuations, as well as a high level of resistance to dust and vibration loads.

"We see a growing market need for solutions in the field of transport monitoring and control of transported fuel in such regions as Africa, Latin America and Middle East, where fuel thefts are very common. We hope that our solution will be a major limiting factor for fuel thefts in military and commercial zones all around the world and will significantly increase efficiency of fuel carriers," said Marc Eisenberg, ORBCOMM CEO.

Stanislav Emelyanov, Omnicomm CEO Deputy, while commenting the project implementation, noted in his turn that the highest reliability of solutions, including fuel level sensors, is the hallmark of Omnicomm. "The ability of our products to operate in the most severe conditions has been confirmed not only by numerous tests, but also by experience of using them, including Russian "Kamaz-Master" team taking part in the "Silk Road" rally raid. Installing our sensors on transport vehicles of NATO armies operating in Afghan highlands is a further evidence of our equipment reliability, as well as the fact that Russian high-tech products can be competitive in the international market," he added.

September 26, 2013