Omnicomm data featured in Berg Insight industry report

Omnicomm, international hi-tech industrial company, one of the leading developers and manufactures of highly accurate fuel level sensors and various equipment for fleet management needs, has provided exclusive data on the market of commercial vehicles monitoring in Russia, the CIS and Eastern Europe. The general research was carried out by Berg Insight, Sweden. This M2M/IoT research firm publishes an annual study of the world market of transport telematics. During the last 2 years the agency’s report on the market is based on Omnicomm Analytical Center study.

Compared with the last year’s forecasts, Berg Insight expectation figures on the development of Russian transport telematics market have declined slightly. In particular, the agency predicts the average annual growth rate of vehicles equipped with monitoring systems in Russia and the CIS slowing down to 15.7%. However, the long-term forecast of the Russian container transport telematics market remains virtually without any changes. Last year's estimate of 6.1 million vehicles equipped by 2017 has dropped to 5.9 million in 2018. This means that despite the zero growth rate during 2013, Berg Insight expects continuation of market growth in the next 3 – 4 years.

The studies conducted by the Omnicomm Analytical Center and included in Berg Insight report show that in 2013 the Russian market of transport telematics increased in quantitative terms by 400,000 of equipped vehicles, while the growth rate relative to 2012 equaled to zero. In total in Russia, according to the Center, no less than 1.5 million units of transport and special equipment had been equipped by transport telematics systems by the end of 2013.

According to Omnicomm, Gurtam became the market leader among manufacturers of vehicle monitoring systems in 2013 (135,000 connected vehicles), it is followed by Technokom (56,000 connected vehicles) and Omnicomm (25,000 connected vehicles). Omnicomm is the leader in the segment of fuel control systems (130,000 vehicles equipped with sensors). The overall growth in this segment in 2013 amounted to 220,000 framings, and the rate of growth compared to last year decreased by 10%.

Commenting on Berg Insight research, Alexander Selivanov, Executive director at Omnicomm and one of the key specialists of the Analytical Center agreed that despite zero growth rate last year, most market participants expect its revival: “Our research showed that the market participants expect growth in vehicle telematics”, – he shared. “The main driving force for that is in the first place, the outcomes of the Decree 273 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. According to it, some categories of transport must be equipped with new tachographs with functions of transport monitoring and fuel consumption control”, – he said.

Omnicomm Analytical Center conducts research of market trends regularly, providing up to date information on the Russian market of transport telematics to analytical agencies around the globe. The Analytical Center was organized in 2010 by Omnicomm in order to examine the market keeping track of the current trends on regular basis. Omnicomm Analytical Center team includes the company’s experts working in the sphere of transport telematics for a period of over 16 years. Omnicomm is the only company in the sector in the Russian Federation to officially conduct market research.  

July 15, 2014