Video monitoring

A New Era of Fleet Management
OMNICOMM OKO video monitoring gives you complete control

OMNICOMM’s advanced video monitoring solution for vehicles and stationary assets enables you to gather evidence to investigate emergency situations and incidents, detect violations, check compliance with safety regulations, ensure productive work is done, encourage better driver behavior and ensure vehicles are operated correctly.

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Operators of vehicle fleets and heavy equipment face significant challenges 
that can be addressed with video monitoring.



Video monitoring can ensure operators follow safety regulations when driving vehicles or operating heavy machinery at construction or mining sites. This is also very important for hazardous cargo transportation (for example, to ensure that the driver is not smoking while driving).


Disputes and expensive claims 

Video can be used in incident investigation to avoid costs associated with unjustified claims. As video monitoring improves safe behavior, it cuts the risk of financially damaging violations and incidents.


Efficiency and work culture 

When workers know they are being monitored, they tend to perform better and comply with regulations. Drivers are less likely to engage in unsafe behavior, such as using cell phones while driving.
Featuring continuous video recording, real-time remote access to video data, automatic video uploading to the OMNICOMM Online platform and manual on-demand access to recordings, OMNICOMM’s feature-rich fleet management solution adds an extra layer of security, confidence and control to your fleet monitoring system. Video data is fully integrated with tracking data for ultimate convenience.


Real-time reporting, integrated video, event-triggered & on-demand video upload


Full-featured telematics tracker & constant video recorder


OMNICOMM cameras
Suitable for external mounting, day & night recording


Driver display (optional)
Provides in-vehicle guidance & control over blind zones

Video monitoring has benefits in many contexts, including:

Construction site vehicles
Road construction

Transportation services
Dangerous cargo transportation
Oil transportation
Civil services
Car towing services
Passenger transportation
Airport services



  • 2 video options out of the box – event-driven & manual 
  • Information such as driver ID, GPS coordinates & speed is displayed above each video fragment 
  • GPS Trackers monitor crucial vehicle parameters 
  • Real-time video alerts, rich multimedia reporting and day & night video monitoring


  • Customizable size of video archive
  • Flexible set-up rules for automatic video recording (events, duration etc) 
  • Real-time video option upon request 
  • Single platform for both fleet management and video monitoring 
  • OMNICOMM Online's open API permits integration with face recognition systems


  • 20+ years experience in real-time monitoring of high-value assets
  • OMNICOMM offers lifetime partner support, certification, high levels of customer support & strong technical training resources
  • Global partner network provides complex solutions & value-added services for customers

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Download and read OMNICOMM's brochure on fleet management with video monitoring solutions.


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