Wenco announced release of a new complete fuel efficiency system for mines with Omnicomm LLS sensors inside

Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd., one of the world’s leading developers, manufacturers and integrators of fleet management systems for mining industry, has announced release of a new Dynamic Fuel Dispatch fuel efficiency system. The improved product is a complete solution for efficiently managing fuel scheduling, fuel delivery, and current fuel tank levels. Omnicomm LLS digital fuel level sensors are at the core of the system. They provide accurate digital fuel levels for large mining equipment that doesn't have this data automatically. Wenco’s Dynamic Fuel Dispatch is aimed at achieving higher rates of fleet optimization and decreasing unnecessary expenditures in mining industry. It will enable just-in-time refueling which will improve mining machinery performance, raising efficiency figures and finally saving more money. Wenco is known to manufacture and supply mine management systems that provide effective monitoring and control of all mine’s mobile assets. Among Wenco’s proprietary products are terminals and software. However, with mining fleet management systems primarily oriented at fuel consumption optimization, the choice of accurate fuel monitoring equipment is crucial. "This system is a new quality step up in our solutions as it brings the mechanisms of fuel monitoring to a completely new level", – Mr. Iosif Tabakman, Wenco Regional Director pointed. "Omnicomm digital fuel tank sensors are one of the main components inside our Dynamic Fuel Dispatch. Their work allows improving real-time performance of Wenco’s integrated products. Installed now at numerous Wenco client sites and integrated with Wenco Fleet Management System, the Omnicomm capacitive level measurement sensors ensure high accuracy, readability, and stability when calculating the exact level of fuel in the tank", – he resumed. Controlling fuel expenses through efficient fleet operations is a top priority for all mines. The new system has been released just in time to assist miners with productivity and efficiency improvements in the challenging times for the industry. The global coal market being quite depressed at the moment puts a lot of pressure especially on the regional miners and contractors to make better use of their assets and optimize all expenses.

Julio 3, 2014