OJSC AK Transneft is a Russian transport company and an operator of the main oil pipelines of Russia. The main activity of the company is transportation of crude oil and petroleum products via the pipeline system on the territory of Russia and overseas. Transneft and its subsidiaries have the world’s largest system of oil pipelines - 70 thousand km and over 500 pump stations. The company transports 93% of oil extracted in Russia.

Omnicomm took part in the project of JSC Navigation Information Systems (JSC NIS) that aimed to create a satellite corporate transport and fuel consumption monitoring system at OJSC AK Transneft.

In order to select a partnering company, the tender contest was organized, which defined clear requirements to equipment:

  • Compliance of the monitoring system with the requirements of Order No. 285 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
  • High level of information security
  • Transport positioning accuracy
  • Technology monitoring in the conditions of partial mobile connection by using alternative communication channels (satellite, wifi)

  • In 2011, the project on equipping the vehicle fleet of OJSC AK Transneft with Omnicomm fleet management system was initiated.

    Experts rightly consider this project to be one of the most large-scale and interesting endeavors in the segment of satellite transport monitoring.

    Although the process of equipping the fleet has not yet been completed, we can already draw preliminary conclusions and evaluate the economic effect of the system. For the whole period of cooperation, a tremendous amount of work has been carried out.


    To date, this is how many units were equipped with the system:
  • 17,656 units were equipped with Omnicomm fuel level sensors
  • 3,500 units were equipped with Omnicomm on-board terminals.

  • Presently, the transport is being re-equipped, and existing third-party monitoring systems are being replaced by Omnicomm systems. The versatility of the equipment allows it to be installed on units of varying complexity and modifications, and integrate any solutions.


  • The solution paid for itself after 1.5 years of operation
  • Fuel costs decreased by 15%
  • Operation of the company fleet was systemized

  • Thus, based on the monitoring results, individual basic consumption standards of fuel for all types of vehicles and their tasks were defined, making it possible to prevent theft of fuel and, consequently, reduce the cost of fuel.

    During the project implementation phase, we managed to increase the efficiency of fleet management of OJSC AK Transneft, rule out the misuse of equipment, reduce the number of required maintenance sessions and coordinate the work of the internal services of the company.


  • 20,000 units equipped with Omnicomm fleet management system
  • 30,000 installed Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensors 4,700 installed additional sensors that control the work of detachable equipment
  • Integration of fleet management system with with the financial systems of OJSC AK Transneft.


    “The project for the construction of the fleet management system at OJSC AK Transneft can with no exaggeration be called one of the largest and most complex in Russia. The scope, territorial distribution, complex company structure, consisting of 36 branches in all regions of Russia are the key features of this project”.